Further Confusion 2011

Attendee Code of Conduct

Further Confusion strives to give as many people as possible a fun time. Most of the convention is for general audiences (PG-13 or less). We will mark clearly the few areas and events which may exceed a general audience rating. At registration, you may choose to sign an age statement, stating that you are over 18 years of age, and provide proof of age. If you choose not to sign this statement, or are not over 18 years of age, your badge will be marked as such and you will only be allowed admittance to those areas or events which are for a general audience. Please be prepared to show your badge any time you need access to convention space or events - it identifies you as a fully-paid attendee of the convention.

We hope that each attendee enjoys the fun that our wide-ranging community can provide, but please consider how your actions reflect on the convention and how they may impact or affect others. Further Confusion likes to present itself as a professional convention, and to this effect, if the convention becomes aware of any of our attendees engaging in illegal activities either in convention space or in private hotel rooms, we will be forced to inform the proper authorities. We take pride in our appearance and we want you to as well, whilst still having fun.

Although this year we are consuming all of the function space at the hotel, keep in mind that there are always other guests of the hotel, especially on the first floor and lobby areas. Offending the hotel's other guests is inappropriate. Impressing them with how much fun and enthusiasm we have for our fandom IS appropriate. Please remember that what you consider to be acceptable behavior may not be so for others. Consideration of others is the hallmark of a mature individual and a healthy fandom. We encourage that courtesy from all participants in our community.

Safety and security matters are generally handled by 'FLARE', who are a group of experienced individuals used by Further Confusion and other conventions. FLARE can be contacted through Convention Operations (see below) or by asking any of the convention staff. FLARE may ask you to stop any activity or to move it to a private room. Repeat offenders may even be required to return their badges and to leave the convention premises. We ask our attendees always to comply with FLARE's requests promptly. If you feel that FLARE has made an unfair request, or has not dealt with you in a fair manner, you may bring this up at a later time with the convention Chair or Vice Chair.