Further Confusion 2011


You may register for Further Confusion 2011 by using our online registration form , or by downloading a download a mail-in registration form, if you wish to use regular postal services. Prices are as follows for pre-registration. Pre-reg closes December 30th, 2010.

Our location is the Irvine Marriott hotel. An all around amazing location that will renew the Califur adventure. Hotel guests get all the best treatments, with free parking (incl. in/out priveleges) for those who are part of our room-block.

Plus, this location has an on-site Kinko's, Starbucks, Sushi restaurant, Mediterranean Restaurant and 2 bars. A wider selection of food and entertainment is just ½ mile east.

For example, the rabbit characters in Richard Adams' novel Watership Down are sentient and talk to each other, but their behavior and psychology is very closely derived from that observed in real-life rabbits. Other furries are not so closely tied to their animal sides, but there is always some degree of serious consideration given to it. Andre Norton's Breed to Come , Brian Jacques' Redwall series, and Steven Boyett's The Architect of Sleep are other examples of novels featuring furries, as is Paul Kidd 's Fangs of K'aath , which has been cited as a source of inspiration for many people to create furry works.