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Known for getting the ball rolling in events, Summer is deeply involved in all aspects of his local fan community.



Pursuing his carrier to become a graphic designer and web designer, he continues to show motivation, passion, and love towards the fandom like no other.

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Anthrocon 06With over 30+ Convention Centers based Furry fandoms, membership and interest has enabled the creation of many furry conventions in North America and Europe. The world's largest furry convention is Anthrocon, held in July annually at Pittsburgh, estimated to contribute approximately $3 million to the town's economy each year. Another convention, Further Confusion, held in San Jose every January, closely follows Anthrocon in scale and attendance. In 2006, 19 furry conventions took place around the world exceeding 9,900 attendees and raising over US$50,000 in charity. The first known furry convention, ConFurence, is no longer held after being replaced by Califur, both conventions were based in Southern California. The University of California Davis. survey suggested that about 40% of furries attended at least one furry convention. Below is a list of all the conventions with amount of furs attending them each year.  [Source]

  1. Anthrocon; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3,390)
  2. Further Confusion; San Jose, California (2,587)
  3. Midwest FurFest; Wheeling, Illinois (1,992)
  4. Furry Weekend Atlanta; Atlanta, Georgia (1,371)
  5. FurFright; Waterbury, Connecticut (873)
  6. Eurofurence; Suhl, Thuringia (782)
  7. Furry Connection North; Novi, Michigan (727)
  8. Mephit Furmeet; Memphis, Tennessee (650)
  9. RainFurrest; Seattle, Washington (599)
  10. Califur; Irvine, California (587)
  11. Furry Fiesta; Dallas, Texas (542)
  12. FA: United!; Newark, New Jersey (381)
  13. Rocket City FurMeet; Huntsville, Alabama (352)
  14. Rocky Mountain Fur Con; Denver, Colorado (319)
  15. RBW; London, UK (290)
  16. Morphicon; Columbus, Ohio (275)
  17. Megaplex; Jacksonville, Florida (255)
  18. Oklacon; Watonga, Oklahoma (223)
  19. Elliott's Winter Carnival; Winter Garden, Florida (215)
  20. Mephit Mini Con; Freusburg, Kirchen (200)
  21. Furloween X; Orlando, Florida (187)
  22. MiDFur; Melbourne, Victoria (177)
  23. All Fur Fun; Spokane, Washington (165)
  24. Howloween; Surrey, British Columbia (160)
  25. ConFuzzled; Manchester, England (136)
  26. Western PA Furry Weekend; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (108)
  27. Camp Feral!; Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (92)
  28. Califur Diego; San Diego, California (65)
  29. Furthest North Summer; Deer Creek Provincial Recreation Area, Alberta (52)
  30. RivFur; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (40)
  31. Furry Ski Weekend; Copper Mountain, Colorado (38)
  32. LupineFox FurMeet March; Quakertown Quakertown Pennsylvania (30)
  33. Die HerbstCon Spring; Phillipsthal, Hesse (20)

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