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Publicized through Sofawolf, he has written several novels, based on romance.



Story writer from the UK, and owner of two web posting sites "Furrie Heaven" and "Yiffstar," which are closely similar to fur affinty's web page.

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Mission Beach Meet Up

Whether local, or not, fur suitors to non suitors, there always is an event hosted, from once a week to once a month.

Fur BQ:
The annual FurBQ started in 1998, when Loran Skunky and Dark Fox went to a picnic with several other furs earlier in the year. With everyone there, the two found it nice in "getting away from the PC and hanging out with friends," as a result they decided to have another FurBQ in the following summer.

Loran Skunky was quick to post in the little Mailing List about having a BBQ and people RSVPed for the event. The location was at one of the furry’s apartment complex containing a picnic area, pool and a clubhouse. Little did the organizers realize, more people showed up than expected to the BBQ because word of the BBQ was placed on a larger list and a good 40+ furs showed up. This unforeseen problem caused quite a stir for the organizers and took some heat from the tenants and the manager several days after.

Anaheim Fur House:
Historically, the AFH parties have always been (and will always be) G-rated drug-and-booze-free parties for the purpose in introducing their parents to the furry fandom. The Hosts welcome people from all walks of life, from furry-to-non-furry-to-celebrity alike. Some furs have come from as far away as the other side of the country to attend the AFH.

The AFH was used to venue the wedding of Rainhopper and Pouchhopper Roo, and a memorial of this event can be found hanging by the mantle in the form of a hand-drawn piece of artwork by Skadjer.

Prancing Skiltaire
The Prancing Skiltaire is the given name of a private residence in Garden Grove, Orange County, and California, owned by Mark Merlino. Hosted by a group of furries that share a common interests in furry fandom have hosted a variety of public events in the past years. For example, the annual holiday get-togethers, ConFurence, Califur staff meetings, filking concerts, and recently taken over the previous role of monthly parties that were hosted by the wildly popular Rick's Café Terrestrienne, located a few blocks east until Rick and Tess Calhoun moved to state of Washington, USA in mid 2005. [Source]

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