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Tea Leaf Hotel Details:

A multi-award wining, five star resort and spa, the Tea Leaf Hotel is an experience like no other. Our world renowned spa is the foremost authority in aromatherapy and tea based treatments; having pioneered several used in top resorts around the world. And our Ivory Cup restaurant continues to remain the crowning name in tea themed cuisine, receiving over 100 best restaurant awards from prestigious publications including the New Yorker and L.A Times. So come on in and experience all the Teal Leaf has to offer. Relax, Restore , and Rejuvenate.



Lounge Details:

Our Ivory Cup Lounge continues the tradition of the main restaurant with a full service tea bar offering both tea based cocktails as well as a choice of over 250 different kinds of teas, brewed to your likening. Our comfortable atmosphere extends the relaxation away from the main hotel while also offering up top notch entertainment ranging from comedy specials to jazz band jams.
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Hotel Suites

Suites Details:

Each bedroom has a theme, but there are also rooms without a theme (Which Obviously will cost a little bit more cheaper) We also allow customizing; catering to any personal preference.
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