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Emerald Petals

Whether you need relief from aches and pains, want to unwind from your hectic life or wish to pamper yourself in luxury, our experts are adept to using herbal materials; utilizing tea as the main ingredient.

Emerald Petals:

The Emerald Petals relieves stress using a dry brushing, followed by an application of our smooth, layered cream infused with herbs, mud, algae, and cream. Once absorbed into the skin, a thermal rinse is applied for removal. The treatment then ends with a full body massage with our patented Emerald Tea Petal lotion.



Rose Yunnan

Rose Yunnan:

The Rose Yunnan is our specialized facial treatment. Designed to remove toxins, the process begins with an applied cream combined with Red and Black teas, to deeply dehydrate, and devitalize; aging and toxin damaged skin. When lifted, toxins exit the body, reveling a restored, more youthful self. It is then completed with a facial massage with our Award Winning Rose Yunnan lotion.


Blooming Flower

Blooming Flower:

The perfect Full Body cure, our Blooming Flower Combines our Emerald Petals and Rose Yunnan treatments with an additional warm white tea Soak; further detoxifying the body and increasing circulation.


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